Statistical Research Method-descriptive and inferential

In general, statistical research methods are divided into two namely descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

Descriptive Statistics is a statistical technique related to various data collection, organizing, simplifying and presenting data techniques in a form that is easier to understand, for example in the form of tables or graphs. Data simplification techniques are usually accompanied by an explanation of certain characteristics of the data such as the size of the concentration of the data, the size of the spread of the data.

In descriptive statistics do not intend to make conclusions involving the analysis of hypothesis testing. Descriptive statistics are used only to simplify and organize data to obtain an overall picture of the variables or characteristics studied or observed.

Inferential Statistics is a statistical technique related to data analysis (samples) to then draw conclusions that are generalized to all subjects from which the sample data is taken from the population.

For example, it is known that the 5% admission data for 5 years at a University is the result of a scholarship path. The 5% numeric value is a descriptive statistic. If based on these data it must be concluded that the opportunity received through the scholarship is more than 5%, it means that you have done inferential statistics, which of course requires drawing conclusions

One of the main aspects of inferential statistics is the process of using sample statistical values ??in decision making related to the actual population parameter values. With the increase in population, the cost and time needed to obtain information from the entire population will be greater and more difficult to implement. So conclusions about population characteristics must be determined based on information obtained from samples taken from the population. To bridge the relationship between sample results and population, a probability theory is needed so that it can be measured to what extent the sample information reflects or represents the population. The measurement is done through an examination of the properties of the sampling distribution.

Flow Chart Relationship between descriptive statistics with inferential statistics.

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