Punctuation And Arithmetic Operators Of Matlab


Punctuation that must be understood before doing the command in MATLAB becomes very crucial because by understanding the procedure for using Punctuation that can be used in MATLAB, it will minimize typing errors or incorrectly give command code. The punctuation in question is
The percent sign states a line of comments, information after the% sign is ignored
The semicolon commands MATLAB not to display the variable value to the screen. This sign also separates array elements along a column
The colon denotes the continuation of a statement. The comment statement and variable name cannot continue with this sign
A colon denotes the range of a number. For example, 1:10 means numbers 1 to 10. A colon in an dimension of an array accesses all the elements in that dimension
Here are some examples of using punctuation in the table above,


In the matter of counting, calculating the role of the Calculating Base Mathematics Operator is very basic and so important. The operators that we definitely know are additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions. Before doing the use of the formula, it is better to use this basic calculation operator must be mastered first so that there is no error when doing the next calculation.

Basically the way to write a basic calculating operator in MATLAB is the same as a mathematical base operator, except that there are few differences in symbols for some operators such as multiplication and division. To be clearer, the following table describes the list of basic calculating operators of MATLAB.


Arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /, ^, ') in MATLAB follow the rules in Linear Algebra. Here are some examples of using these operators:

Often faced with the operation of elements per element of an array. Suppose that maybe you want to square each element in an array. To do this, you need to add a period before the operator. For example, to square each element of Array A, use A.^ 2. Operators used for elemental element operations are summarized in the table below,

Operasi elemen per elemen
Operasi bagi elemen per elemen
Operasi pangkat elemen per elemen

Here are some examples of the use of these operators,

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  1. Is Colon Punctuation an arithmetic operation or a comparison operation


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